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Using Your Garage as the Perfect Romantic Destination

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Discovering your garage’s hidden potential

Sometimes what you’ve been searching for so long has been right in front of you the whole time. You may have spent every day since Christmas planning the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with the one you love. Have you ever thought about making use of your garage for that special day? We didn’t think so. It will offer privacy, space and will add something different and quirky to a sometimes cliché day.

Let’s start on a clean slate

Because this is an important day, we have to cover all bases. This starts with ensuring that your garage is clean, neat and tidy. Keep the door open the whole time that you’re cleaning. This will ensure that all the dust and dirt escapes, and will also assist in getting rid of any oil or cleaning product fumes. In addition to storing your cars, the garage is sometimes used to store a number of other items not being currently used. Make sure that all of this is neatly packed away and out of sight.

Setting the scene

Now that everything is spotless, the fun can begin! Lining the walls with hearts, romantic quotes and pictures of the two of you will definitely impress. Just make sure that you don’t use a permanent type glue to stick them up or they might just stay there for months to come! You can’t go wrong with loads and loads of fairy lights! They’ll add something magical and will provide non-harsh lighting for a romantic night.

Now, let’s set the table

We suggest placing the table and chairs in the center of the garage as you’ll have more space to move around. Just make sure that you leave some space in one of the corners of the room to move the table to later. You can never go wrong with white and red table settings for Valentine’s Day, but you’re trying something different with the venue so why not try something different with the table settings? Because you’re in quite an informal setting, you might even get away with snacking on some good pizza and drinking some very good wine or beer. Some scented candles on the table will provide a romantic ambience, and may mask any residual car or oil smells.

Dinner and a show

The actual garage door, whether it be wood, aluminum or steel, provides the ideal blank space for projecting a romantic movie onto. After your delicious meal, you can move the table and chairs to an out-of-the-way corner of the room. Then get a comfy couch and some cushions, perhaps another bottle of wine, and you’re good to go. You could choose a classic, or a romcom with a modern twist. Whatever you decide, we’re sure that your partner will be well and truly impressed!

Dancing towards the end of the night

This is the time to move that comfy couch and switch off the projector. Let’s get out the record player, or maybe something from this century, and put on some classic love songs. If you have a glass or milk glass garage door, or even a sectional door with glass panels, you could dance the night away while staring at the starry sky. End the evening off with a nightcap before thinking of what you can do next year to top this awesome night!

We wish you happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Garage Door Repair Jericho, NY


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