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Are you interested to discover new ideas on ways to protect your garage doors? Read these tips

Working with garage door batt insulation

The ideal, according to garage door repair company in Jericho, is to go for Batt insulation because it is made of fiberglass. It can protect your exterior walls particularly if it is reinforced with foil or some other form of hardy paper. Use it to control the entry of air and vapor per inch.

Dealing with a cracked hinge

Remove the hinge and fill the cracks. Make sure that you do not forget the screw holes as well. It is advisable to use a good quality wood fully. Leave the filler to dry a bit before replacing the hinge. It is also a good idea to put the hinge on solid wood for durability.

Garage door opener installation

Our professional technicians consider the height of the garage and the door itself. They make sure the type of the motor is compatible with the weight of the door. If there is an automatic lighting system, it is tested to make sure that it is functioning perfectly.

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