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Gate Repair Services
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One of the greatest things about “Garage Door Repair Jericho” is that it covers not only garage door repair needs but gate repair needs, as well. The excellence of our teams is identified in either services and our response time is equally fast for all occasions. We are aces in all types of gates and all residential gate openers. It's our pride to have a great team of exceptional repairmen and installers whose expertise guarantees outstanding work whether you need installation or repair services.

Our company offers great services

Gate Repair in JerichoThe services provided by our company aim at prolonging the lifespan of the system and enhancing security and safety. This is why we are thorough maintenance specialists and fast 24 hour emergency contractors. Take an idea of what we can offer you.

Rolling gate repair
Repair services are always needed. Don't forget that your rolling gate moves repeatedly on a daily basis and it is exposed to the weather condition and all elements at all times. We fix chains, tracks, rollers and take care of the gate itself. Serious problems and broken parts will require replacement and you can be sure of the efficiency of our technicians. Both repair and replacement services are carried out carefully and thoroughly and we always check and ensure the good movement of the gate.

Gate opener maintenance
The opening system is extremely important for every automatic gate and this is why our knowledge of all openers is extensive. Our meticulous service ensures the safety of the client and the proper operation of the whole system. We provide service the same day you call and are experts in inspecting each part of the mechanism thoroughly. The sensors of the opener are checked repeatedly and all problems are immediately fixed.

Automatic gate troubleshooting
Thanks to our expertise we provide solutions. We surely work with great equipment and our knowledge is of the essence when we troubleshoot your automatic gate. The origins of problems are detected at once and all issues are fixed efficaciously.

Swing gate services
We are experts in swing gates, their characteristics and their problems and we definitely have the solutions. From installation to repair and replacement services, you can count on the knowhow of our technicians for swing gate adjustment, maintenance or repairs. We replace rusty hinges and damaged sensors at once and are particularly meticulous during replacement.

Gate adjustment
When the gate is not balanced well, the tracks are misaligned or some components are loose, your safety will be compromised. Such symptoms will create a number of very serious problems and this is the reason why our company provides immediate adjustment. Loose fasteners will misalign the sensors and so we'll be there to tighten them. We make sure every part is properly adjusted and the gate is stable and closes well.

The effects of our services are excellent. You will notice stability and know that each part operates well and with safety. You can always seek refuge in our company knowing that your problems will be fixed properly and on time. It's reassuring to depend on good professionals not only when repair services are urgent but also whenever you need information about gate intercom and opener systems or need answers to questions. We are always here for you!

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