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Our company understands that a lasting garage door starts with proper installation. We have a competent team to handle these, plus a range of garage door repair services. Our technicians are highly trained to work with different problems that may arise from a garage door. Whether it is the springs, the cable or opener that is in trouble, we can help you. Ask about our garage door maintenance so you can be sure that your door is working smoothly at all times. This is the key to extending the life of your door and keeping your family safe from any injury that may be caused by a faulty door.

Cable Problems

Garage Door Cables in JerichoThe cable that helps control your garage door's movement is often a source of woe for homeowners.  If your Jericho garage door cable snapped, the only real option for repair will be the installation of a new one.  These cables cost less than you may suspect, and replacing them is easy.  Other common Jericho garage door cable tracksproblems include issues like a garage door cable loose in Jericho homes.  The drum that helps spool your cable is vital, and if your Jericho cable is off the drum you'll have to have the issue remedied quickly.  Garage Door Repair Jerichocan help you with all of these issues.

Track Problems

Just as common as cable issue are track problems.  For Jericho garage door cable tracks issues, a number of things may occur.  Simple things like a Jericho garage door off track can be annoying to a homeowner, but we can replace them with ease.  We can also repair bent garage door track in Jericho, no matter why it has become bent. And as a last resort, we're always able to replace garage door track in Jericho.  While it may seem like a major task, the truth is that the materials and the labor are much more inexpensive than most realize.

A number of things can cause trouble with garage door cable tracks Jericho, from simple aging to lack of maintenance.  Even seriously damaged tracks and broken cables caused by accidents are well within the abilities of Garage Door Repair Jericho.  Contact us anytime, day or night, to get the help you need for your track or cable problems.

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